Playing Wonderful Golf Game

The important thing is to maintain the highest state of calm, a tense golfer can not make a success, because the more intense, more rigid swing action, the more a sense of tension. Here are some tips teaching you how to relax, get good grades.

1, not too concerned about the location of the flagpole

For the average golfers to hit the ball on the green with taylormade 09 burner irons is the most critical point, where the secret is not to start at the flag, on the contrary, it should be aimed at the most wide green areas. The point is to bring attention to, especially if you want to hit the ball on the green, and pin location is not the broad green belt, to ignore or even forget the pin location, just remember that your goal is to hit the ball on the green.

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Of course, this does not mean you can’t hit the ball directly to the flagpole. In fact, when the pin inserted in the wide green areas, the direct attack on the club is the most correct choice. In addition, a ball, when you have marked with green in the fourth hole, after all, could make a little adventure, try the direct attack on the flagpole, if the technology and luck are good enough, maybe have the opportunity to break 70.

2 Hitting the long-range shots

For making a breakthrough of Your golf skills, you must be marked with a long par hole. Recall that in our article about the song based on wrist and back straight, here to tell you that, in addition to wrist curls with back straight, but also add a little body rotation, arm swing and enhance the speed, which helps you play a good distance ball.

3 Do not look at the scorecard

Do not see the purpose of the scorecard is to reduce your stress, no pressure to bear, they tend to play best. Shots just now, not next shot, not in order on one, as long as the bar is now playing Haojiu Hang.

If you follow these tips you can make a better golf performance.


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