Rally driving is completely different from any other form of driving. Imagine a sport where you are almost permanently skidding and turning at least 50 yards before each corner. Rally driving is a challenge. Driving on metalled and non-metalled roads requires special skills and an all-round racing driver. Rally driving is by far the most on-the-edge experience one can try. It is true that such driving requires a lot of skill that drivers who have never been off road and consequently have not tried the highest speed limit their car  can take will require them to have full concentration and alertness!

Rally driving is one of the premier league of stag weekend activities. We all would love to rally drive; it will give you the most incredible experience under the tuition of some of the best drivers in Europe. Rally driving is a big thing in the UK, and what you can see in rally driving, is how important the relationship is between driver and navigator.

Rally driving is controlled whereas the thrill of driving a Ferrari lies in the speed. Professional racing drivers are required to have rally driving experience. Rally driving is exciting, and I can tell you it’s not just the cars that are hot, there are some very hot rally drivers. If you ever need rally driving instruction there are plenty of rally drivers who would love to teach you. No previous driving experience is required, however, there is a maximum weight of 18 stone.

Control the oversteer and handbrake turn into one corner after another. With training in rally style braking, handbrake turns and other essential rally driving techniques, this really is a fantastic rally driving experience. Controlling these finely tuned machines is where the skill lies and the more power you have the more thrilling the experience becomes!

SEGA Rally demonstrates the difference that six rally cars can make tearing across a tightly wound circuit. In fact, surface deformation has such a pronounced effect on gameplay that the game’s online, leaderboard-based Time Attack mode will require you to complete three laps and submit an averaged time. SEGA Rally’s unique track deformation ensures that no race is ever the same and no terrain handles the same either. In fact going through a puddle or through heavy snow will slow your car down and feels like it is dragging.

Colin McRae Rally 04 is another jewel in the Codemasters driving game crown. From top to bottom it’s another first class effort. Colin McRae Rally 2.0 represents the sport well, although play modes are more limited than in Rally Masters. The first three modes ought to be obvious.

Rally cars are on the move as the market wakes up to their abilities and eligibility. OK, admittedly it was the 1972 Ford Escort RS 1600 that Bjorn Waldergard raced to victory in last year’s East Africa rally but that sort of money for a Dagenham Dustbin is extreme. Rally cars are fitted with ‘bang-bang’ which injects fuel into the exhaust (drive) side of the turbo to keep it spinning right up, which accounts for the pops during lift off. I imagine this virtually eliminates any turbo lag. Rally cars are modified road-legal vehicles that typically run on point-to-point stages rather than circuits. Due to the variety and difficulty of the conditions that rally drivers have to face, they can arguably claim to be the best drivers in the world.

Rally cars are beginning to use fixed aerofoils and when the latter are above the level of the car roof they must be very effective. Rally cars are unusual in that they must be able to travel ordinary roads and therefore must conform to the road regulations of the host country. This is necessary because often the entrants must drive in un-timed stages from one timed course to another.

Rally cars are modified production or specially built road-legal cars designed for rallying. Dragsters are custom-built cars that have been heavily engineered for maximum acceleration. Rally cars are put through significant stress in many areas, so you want to make sure the car has been well maintained and looked after. They also are involved in more and bigger ‘shunts’ than most road cars, and whilst they can usually be repaired to be ‘as good as new’, this is an area that needs to be investigated properly.

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